About Shelby Humane Society

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Shelby Humane Society was founded in 1977 and has continued to provide valuable services to pet owners and residents of Shelby County. Each year, approximately 5,000 animals receive shelter and care within our facility. Because we are a nonprofit organization, Shelby Humane Society relies heavily on individual donor support, fundraisers, special events and corporate sponsorships to continue our mission and life saving work.


In addition to the thousands of owner-surrendered animals we take in each year, we also provide medical attention and a safe-house to abused and neglected animals that come into our shelter via local Animal Services. Many of these animals require expensive medical care and constant nurturing.


Our adoptions and shelter partnering programs place nearly 2,700 animals each year. Our shelter is located in Columbiana, AL and is only a short 30 minute drive (or less) for most Shelby County residents. Through adoptions from our shelter and various off-site locations, we have provided individuals and families with animal companions that suit their lifestyles. Our extensive pre-adoption survey helps us place animals in appropriate and loving homes, and our constant attention to our pet population and the varying personalities of our animals helps us easily match pets to potential adopters.


Shelby Humane Society works constantly to educate the public about the importance of animal population control. By spaying and neutering adopted animals old enough to undergo the procedure, we help slow the growth of the overwhelming dog and cat populations in Central Alabama.


Are you interested in having a representative of Shelby Humane come speak to your school, civic group or other organization? Please contact us at mwayman@shelbyhumane.org to schedule a presentation.

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