Adoption Fees

At Shelby Humane Society, we take in stray and surrendered animals free of charge for Shelby County residents. We care for those animals and provide them with shelter, food and much needed affection. We spay and neuter our pets, provide them with necessary medical care including vaccinations, heartworm tests, microchips and much more to promote a long and happy life.


Every SHS pet will be spayed or neutered prior to leaving our shelter. We have many altered animals that are available to go home the same day that their adoption is approved. Cats and dogs that have not been fixed will be scheduled for surgery the next business day and must be picked up from SHS at a later date.


Adoption fees are as follows and cover the care that we have given your soon-to-be pet.


Puppies under six months
Dogs over six months
Kittens under six months
Cats over six months 


So what's included in the adoption fee?