Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the Shelby Humane Society located?

Visit our
Directions Page for our address and a detailed route.

There is an abandoned animal roaming my neighborhood. Whom do I call?
Please call your city's Animal Control Office to report.

I live outside of Shelby County. Can I still bring a found animal to Shelby Humane Society?
Shelby Humane Society serves the residents of Shelby County and requires proof of residence to leave an animal with us. If you live outside Shelby County, it is best to take the found animal to your local shelter where its owners will be more likely to find it.

I want to surrender my pet to Shelby Humane Society. How do I do that?
Shelby Humane Society accepts animals from residents of Shelby County. In order to surrender your pet, you must bring them to the drop-off area on the side of our building and provide proof of residence. By completing our surrender paperwork, you will allow us to quickly process your pet and evaluate them for adoption.

I've lost my pet and would like Shelby Humane Society to contact me if they receive it.
Visit our
Lost/Found page for information.

How much does it cost to adopt an animal?
View our
adoption fees page.

I haven't had my pet spayed or neutered. What can you tell me about these surgeries?
View our
Quick Fix page.

Where can I obtain a low cost spay/neuter for my pet?
Shelby Humane Society offers a unique, low-cost program to help families whose pets need spay/neuter services; to access our services please call Quick Fix, 205-643-FIXX or visit our
Quick Fix page.

How do microchips work and where can I get one for my pet?
Visit our Find Fido Fast
microchip clinic page.

I've received a fine from Rabies Control. Who can I talk to about this?
Please contact Rabies Control at 205-669-2940.

My pet is suffering. What end-of-life services does Shelby Humane Society offer?
Shelby Humane Society will euthanize a pet at its owner's request. The fee for euthanizing is $45. We also offer private cremation. Please call to learn about pricing. It takes up to two weeks to have your pet's ashes returned to you.

How many animals does the Shelby Humane Society typically take in each year?
Each year we receive approximately 5,000 animals.

Who funds Shelby Humane Society?
Shelby Humane Society receives funding through grants, fundraisers and individual donations. It also charges adoption fees to cover the cost of caring for the adopted animal during its time at the shelter. I would like to volunteer with the Shelby Humane Society. How do I sign up? View our
Volunteer page or contact our volunteer coordinator.

I would like to volunteer with the Shelby Humane Society. How do I sign up?
View our
Volunteer page or contact our Volunteer Coordinator.