Humane Hero Monthly Giving Program

By joining our monthly giving program as a Humane Hero, you will help the shelter cover expenses including vaccinations, supplies for animal care, cleaning materials, fuel for transporting pets to veterinary visits and many more essential items.

Automatic monthly donations are:

  • Effective. Donations are deposited and put to work right away.
  • Flexible. Give what you can and adjust your donation level or cancel anytime.
  • Hassle-free. Receive your receipt through e-mail, saving the shelter the administrative costs of letterhead, envelopes and stamps and saving yourself the trouble of maintaining hard copy receipts.
  • Good for you too. You can reach your charitable goals without writing a check and making a trip to the post office. Also, donating throughout the year will help you build a larger tax deduction.


$10 a Month



$20 a Month



$30 a Month



$50 a Month



$100 a Month

To donate a different amount each month please email Jennifer or call 205-669-3916 ext. 36.