Need Help Finding a Missing Pet?

If your animal is microchipped, we can take a lost report over the phone by calling 205-669-3916.


If your animal is not microchipped, visit our shelter during the following hours with a photo of your pet to file a lost report and walk through to look for your pet.


Shelter Location: 381 McDow Road
Columbiana Al 35051

Hours:Tuesday thru Saturday 1-5:30pm


Please note that children are strictly prohibited from entering the animal hold areas and the shelter is unable to provide supervision for children.


Please bring a photo of your animal to help us try to identify possible matches. If you do not bring a photo we will not be able to file a lost report. (Photos cannot be returned)


Although we search the kennels often in an effort to match lost reports with animals, it is important that you come in person to look for your pet at least once a week until he/she is found! Descriptions of mixed breed animals are hard to match!

Additional suggestions for finding your pet:

  • Actively look around your neighborhood at dawn and dusk (times lost pets are most active).
  • Post lost pet flyers in your neighborhood & tell everyone in your neighborhood
  • Put a "Lost" notice in your local newspaper
  • Notify your area Veterinary Clinics
  • Notify your mail carrier
  • Leave food and water outside for your pet with an article of your clothing or a bed your pet used. (Do not wash the item).


Important numbers:


Many times pets are picked up by a Good Samaritan and taken to a shelter that is not necessarily the closest shelter to you, and some animal controls hold animals elsewhere before bringing them to the shelter. It is important to file lost reports and check with your city and surrounding cities’ animal controls to see if they’ve picked the animal up:

  • Alabaster Animal Control: 205-664-6761
  • Calera Animal Control (Police Dept): 205-668-3505
  • Hoover Animal Control: 205-444-7760
  • Helena Animal Control: 205-663-2161
  • Montevallo Animal Control (City Hall): 205-665-2555
  • Pelham Animal Control (Public Works): 205- 620-6416
  • If you live in unincorporated Shelby County please call 205-669-8766 for assistance
  • If you live within city limits of a city NOT listed above, please call your city hall for instruction/referral.

Also surrounding shelter facilities:

  • Greater Birmingham Humane Society, 300 Snow Drive, Birmingham (205) 942-1211
  • Birmingham/Jefferson County Animal Control, 6227 5th Ave N, Birmingham (205)591-6522
  • Chilton County Humane Society, Shade Tree Dr, Clanton, AL (205)775-9170
  • Bessemer Animal Control: 205-424-5586
  • Vestavia Animal Control: 205-978-0151


If you find your pet...

Be sure to put a collar and ID tag on him/her immediately and most importantly get your pet microchipped!

Call everyone back to notify them that you found your pet so we can remove your lost report from our system

It is our sincere wish that all those searching for pets are reunited with them.