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No-birth is the first step to no-kill.  Do you want to be part of the solution instead of contributing to the problem?  You can help reduce the overpopulation of homeless pets by proactively spaying/neutering your pets - and encouraging your friends to do the same.  Shelby Humane Society receives on average, 5000 animals annually.  Help us, help the community.  Every pet owner should consider sterilization of their cats and dogs. 


This program is operated strictly by funds secured through a grant.  Guidelines have been established and must be adhered to in order for Shelby Humane to continue this program.  We are committed to utilizing the funds primarily for cost associated with providing transportation to/from the Alabama Spay/Neuter Clinic located in Irondale and subsidizing the medical cost associated for pet owners that qualify.  Administrative cost associated with this program are kept to a minimum as our focus is to secure the spay/neuter surgeries.  Request for appointments and or information will be replied to in the order of which they were received.  Due to the overwhelming success of this program please be patient while we handle your request. 



Male cats
Female cats
Male dogs
Female dogs

Dogs 50-64 lbs

Dogs 65-79 lbs

Dogs 80-94 lbs

Dogs 95 lbs and over


Additional $10

Additional $20

Additional $25

Additional $30


A rabies vaccine is required, if your pet is current you will be required to provide Shelby Humane with a copy of the vaccine certificate.  If the rabies vaccine is necessary the charge is $15.  All rabies vaccines are 1 year vaccines. 


Capstar is a flea treatment, not prevention.  All pets will be administered a Capstar tablet prior to surgery to kill any fleas on the pet.  The fee is $5.


Payment is required at least 2 business days prior to the scheduled surgery date.  If payment is not received by the deadline your appointment will be made available to other clients. 


All cats must be crated.  All dogs must be crated or on-leash.  Accidents have occurred where frightened pets escaped from their owners arms and darted into traffic.  Please don’t take that chance.


All pets that participate in this program are required to be microchipped.  There is no fee for this procedure.  You must provide an emergency contact name and phone number.  This should be someone that does not live at the same address but would know how to reach you.


Other Fees may apply to regular-priced surgeries:

Cryptorchid Male
Umbilical hernia
In Heat/Pregnant


Our clinic Partners Are the following:


For the Spay and Neuter Clinic in Irondale, pet owners must meet our van at 6:15 a.m.


Calera Animal Hospital
9370 Highway 25, Calera
(205) 668-2300
Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic Inc
2721 Crestwood Boulevard
Irondale, AL 35210-1226 (205) 956-0012
Animal House Veterinary Clinic
6365 US 280, Harpersville
(205) 672-3550

Pelham Animal Clinic

2944 Pelham Pkwy, Pelham

(205) 663-2577 


Upcoming Irondale Clinic Surgery Dates:



  • Belle Foods is now Foodland Plus (same location)



Generous funding provided by:





Appointments also available:

Monday through Friday at Calera Animal Hospital

(drop off between 7-8am, pick up same day between 4:30-5pm)


Monday and Tuesdays in Harpersville at Animal House Veterinary Clinic

(drop off at 8:30am, pick up same day between 4:30-5pm)