Vaccine Clinic

Why does Shelby Humane offer low cost vaccines and micro-chipping?


Disease is a product of the community.  It is not a shelter, rescue or other type of animal welfare problem but a community problem.  By offering low cost vaccines to the public we hope to assist in creating a more healthy community for all companion pets.  This has certainly had a positive impact on the health of animals brought in to our facility. 


In regards to micro-chipping, it's simple, we want to reunite pets with their families. 



Upcoming Vaccine Clinics:
Pricing Information
Rabies only - $10
Feline package, includes rabies - $35
Canine package, includes rabies - $35
Micro-chips, free but donations are appreciated
If you would like to complete the necessary form prior to attending any of our clinics please follow the link below and print.
Please note you MUST provide TWO copies of the form, otherwise you will be required to complete the form at the clinic.