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 Does Shelby Humane euthanize animals?

We receive emails, phone calls, Facebook messages, and in-person questions regularly whether we are going to euthanize a cat or a dog being surrendered.


Shelby Humane does conduct humane euthanasia in three very specific situations:

  1. An animal is actively suffering AND medical intervention will not relieve the suffering.

  2. An animal exhibits behaviors which create a safety risk AND those behaviors have not shown improvement after a reasonable intervention effort by a certified dog trainer.

  3. We are directed to do so by a governmental agency.


To the contrary, we utilize every tool, technique, and resource available to us in an effort to save and/or rehabilitate as many animals as possible.


Dee Dee is a perfect example of what a proactive animal welfare organization can accomplish. She was surrendered to Shelby Humane with a congenital defect which rendered her rear legs malformed and unusable. Thanks to the generosity of our community, and the dedication of our staff, Dee Dee was given a set of wheels and a whole new future.

In an effort to be as transparent as possible, all of our intake and outcome data - to include euthanasia numbers - is publicly available on our website at

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