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Shelby Humane Now a No Kill Shelter

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Columbiana, AL - In 2021, Shelby Humane proudly found homes for 97% of the animals the shelter took in. This solidified Shelby Humane's status as a No-Kill shelter. What does being a No-Kill shelter mean exactly? According to the American Humane Society, a No-Kill shelter is defined as an animal shelter where at least 90% of all animals received are Live Released. This means that all adoptable animals are saved, and only unadoptable or untreatable animals are euthanized. Another definition would be that Shelby Humane does not euthanize animals based on lack of space or length of stay at the shelter.

Dr. Bill Rowley of Shelby Humane says obtaining No-Kill status was not easy and required a fundamental change in who we are. "Shelby Humane proactively seeks positive outcomes for all the animals in our care. We do this through adoption, transport to other shelters, placement in rescues, and other care alternatives. Developing and implementing our All Steps Lead Home initiative was a key factor in obtaining our no-kill status."

Shelby Humane's All Steps Lead Home initiative was developed to support the shelter's live release mission by managing the need for shelter admissions through spay and neuter programs; rehabilitating animals with medical and behavior needs; and by collaborating with the community through adoption events, foster programs, and animal transports. Dr. Rowley also stated that none of this would have been possible without donor support, Shelby Humane's Board of Directors, or our fosters, who allowed us to create more space in the shelter. "We completely revised our views on animal care management and now have a team-oriented, board supported Live Release Program."


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