Fostering Saves Lives

You don’t have to adopt an animal to save a life.

Want to Become a Virtual Foster?

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Captivating photographs help your foster animal become more appealing to potential adopters. Watch this video for a few tips and tricks on how to hone your pet photography skills. 

VF photo.png

Photos and videos are great ways to showcase your foster animal. Watch this video for a few tips and tricks on how to best frame your foster animal in a photo or video.  


Creating an appealing bio helps potential adopters connect with your foster pet. A good bio will paint a picture of who your animal is so that potential adopters feel like they know who the animal is even though they haven't met them yet. 

VF cat.png

Cats and kittens have a very unique personality or "catitude". This video will help you learn how to best market your foster cat/kitten for adoption.

Dog with leash.png

Watch this video for a good example of how to showcase your foster animal. Notice the camera is at dog's height and the video highlights the dog's personality. 

funny dog.png

Making videos of your foster pet is a great way to showcase their personality. This video shares a few tips on how to create professional videos with your cell phone.