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 All dogs listed below are available for adoption.

  • If the dog you are interested in says “In Foster Home,” a Foster Coordinator will contact you after you submit your application. 

  • Please use the various SEARCH features to query animals that best fit your family dynamic.

  • We have added two new Attributes, a "Priority List" and an "All Star" List.  

    • The Priority List are those Adult Dogs that we have concern about based on their length of stay, ​behavior or medical issues, or general lack of interest from the public. 

    • The All Star List are Adult Dogs that we believe would fit into a wide range of families.  Getting these dogs out of the shelter quickly would allow us to free up resources to focus on the more difficult-to-place dogs.

Appointments are recommended. 

Regular Adoption Fees

6 months and older: $50

Less than 6 months: $125

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