There are always opportunities to get involved AND help our shelter animals.

Take the first step to volunteering by signing up!


Dog Lovers

  • DOG WALKING | take a leash and let shelter dogs get some exercise on a nice walk outside

  • DOG TRAINING / WOOF PACK | come out to our Woof Pack dog training program where you will teach our shelter dogs basic obedience, navigating home obstacles, and agility skills

  • DOG ENRICHMENT | entertain our dogs with fun treat-based games that engage the brain and teach manners (basic commands, leash etiquette, K-9 nose work, making and distributing peanut butter Kongs to hyperactive dogs, etc.)

  • SHAMPOOCHES | give puppies and adult dogs a bath that are in need of a good scrubbing at the shelter in our tub room*

  • KENNEL ASSISTANCE | help our Canine staff in the morning with small dog and puppy rooms by helping with newspapering and putting the pups up!

  • PLAYGROUPS | our behavior associate on-staff will train volunteers how to referee play time for groups of shelter dogs


  • CAT / KITTEN CUDDLING | give some extra love and playtime to our shelter cats in need of socialization

  • CAT ENRICHMENT | entertain our cats by giving them some extra special attention (treats, make interactive toys to put in their kennels for hyperactive cats, kennel-petting for more timid cats that need socialization)

  • PETSMART CAT CARE | clean cat condos, feed and provide water, socialize, and ensure care for adoptable cats at our partnered PetSmart locations. Get them adopted out while you’re there!



  • Offsite events | assist with adoptable shelter dogs at offsite adoption events by walking them and trying to find them a forever home

  • Adoption Counselors | help adoptions staff at the front desk and play matchmaker for shelter pets and adopters



  • Weekend Warriors / Hiking Buddies | take a shelter pet out for a day or two or three! Have them take a break from shelter life and get some socialization and de-stress.

  • Foster | orphaned puppies and kittens (from bottle fed to 6 months) and pregnant momma pets need a foster home where they can stay to get some quiet and get big enough for adoption

  • Adoption Ambassador | take an adult shelter pet and foster them until a forever adoptive home is found!



  • Pawparazzi | take high quality pictures of shelter pets for profiles and shelter promos

  • Fundraising | rally your community to collect pet supplies to donate to shelter pets

  • Social Media | collect photos and videos of shelter pets and share on social media to raise awareness and adoptions

  • Therapy Dog Program | Therapy dogs will visit classrooms, medical facilities, etc. with volunteers that have trained and handled them for a while. Must be familiar with the therapy dog, demonstrate proper handling, and be willing to be with them in various settings where people want to interact with the dog.



  • Driver | Drive shelter pets in our transport vehicle to other partnering humane societies to get a quicker chance of finding their forever home
    *transport drivers must be 25 years or older with a clean driving record

Want to get your volunteer group scheduled to come help? Email our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@shelbyhumane.org for more info!

***Volunteers that are minors (under 16) must have a parent or authorized adult supervise them as they volunteer.

Whether it is required or you simply want to be of much-needed help, COMMUNITY SERVICE is always needed at the shelter!

Here are daily things that volunteers can help us with:

  • Laundry | Volunteers can come to the shelter to wash, dry, and fold the numerous towels and blankets that we use every day to ensure that all of our animals have the freedom from discomfort while in their kennels.

  • Dishes | Wash, sanitize, and organize cat and dog bowls in our dish room.

  • Yardwork | Help us keep the outside areas clear for dogs and adopters to come through by pulling weeds, picking up litter/debris, poop-scooping, refilling outside water pales, etc.

  • Kennel Assistance | Prepare newspapers for small dog and puppy rooms, help canine or feline staff with daily cleaning, and organizing shelter materials



Q: What is the process of signing up as a volunteer?

A: As a new volunteer, you will:

  1. Sign up for 'New Volunteer Orientation VIRTUAL' (via Zoom) as your first step to volunteering.

  2. Attend a 'Dog/Cat Handling Training' session after attending the Orientation and before signing up for other volunteer slots.

  3. After training, you will be able to sign up for all other volunteer opportunities on our volunteer portal!

Q: What are the age requirements to volunteer with Shelby Humane? Can my children come with me?

A: We accept volunteers as young as 8 to participate! If between 8 and 15, they must have an authorized adult with them while volunteering. Volunteers 16 and older may volunteer independently without an adult. Volunteers must be at least 16 to handle dogs on a leash.

Q: How often is volunteering available?

A: We have various opportunities EVERYDAY for volunteering onsite at the shelter (some limited on Sundays and Mondays due to deep cleaning) and offsite at our partnered PetSmart locations. Most volunteer opportunities will be during our hours of operations between 9AM-4:30PM.


Q: Does Shelby Humane allow groups to volunteer?

A: Yes! We are usually able to accommodate groups of up to 15 volunteers due to our spacing inside the shelter, yet with outdoor opportunities, we could accommodate up to 20. Please email our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@shelbyhumane.org to get more info and schedule your group.


Q: What do I need to do to receive court-ordered community service hours?

A: Court-ordered volunteers will need to complete and turn in a court-ordered application (which can be picked up at the shelter or emailed from the Volunteer Coordinator) and a copy of the document that states the offense for the court-order. We will need these two documents before approving your service and granting hours.


Q: What about school or other organizational community service?

A: We do grant hours for other kinds of community service as well, such as for students or organizations. Our Volunteer Coordinator can sign off on required hours and provide a letter with confirmation of volunteering.

Q: What is the greatest volunteer needs for Shelby Humane?

A: Our top current needs at the shelter include but are not limited to DOG WALKING, DISH WASHING (especially on weekends), and KENNEL ASSISTANCE.