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Every shelter dog could benefit from less time in the shelter and more time being stimulated to reduce kennel stress. The longer dogs are in the shelter environment, the more prone they are to develop mental, physical, & behavioral issues. The Hiking Buddy (H.B.) program is catered towards our long-term adult dog residents that offers them a getaway from the shelter, even if it’s just for a few hours or a day!

The program’s goal is enrichment!



Additions to a dog's environment and lifestyle in which the dog voluntarily interacts and, as a result, experiences improved physical and psychological health.



  • Stimulate and help with brain development

  • Prevents destructive behaviors resulting from boredom and kennel stress

  • Engage in natural and instinctive behaviors

  • Improves dog’s problem-solving skills

  • Builds confidence and social skills

Not all shelter dogs are able to enroll in our HB program. HB dogs must be:

  • Spayed/Neutered

  • Up to date on Rabies vaccination

  • Healthy

  • Lived at the shelter more than 30 days


We will provide: a collar, harness, leash, and backpack with all you need including the dog's profile sheet!

Book an appointment to pick up a hiking buddy for a day here!

  1. Choose a Hiking Buddy from the eligible candidates below.

  2. Complete the following Hiking Buddy Contract* along with a copy of your driver's license and send to (*must be at least 19 years of age to sign a contract in Alabama)

  3. Book an appointment for when you’d like to take your buddy out below

           (drop-off is any time by 4:30pm the day of the appointment)!

*Please refrain from bringing your own dog from home to ensure the shelter dog has a comfortable and stress-free day away!

All Available Hiking Buddies

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