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Fostering saves lives.

You don’t have to adopt an animal to save a life.

Fostering allows a shelter pet to seek temporary safety and love by living with you in your home. This program helps to keep us no-kill by reducing overcrowding, preventing illness, and caring for sensitive medical cases. It also gives abused, neglected, and abandoned animals a chance to live in a home where they can begin to develop healthy and happy memories, relationships, and habits, in order recover from trauma. Fostering is a lifesaving and world changing experience for many of the shelter's most vulnerable.

How to Become a Foster:

1.Complete the following Foster Questionnaire.

2.Make your appointment for you first foster pickup below!


Adult Fosters

This is a long-term foster program. You have the pleasure of finding a forever home for your foster animal. Post to your social media, take them to pet-friendly places, come to our adoption events, and talk to family and friends.


Pregnant / Nursing

House a mother or future mother and her offspring until the litter is old enough for adoption. The mother does most of the work.



THESE ANIMALS MUST GO TO FOSTER WITH AT LEAST ONE LITTERMATE. Take care of puppies and kittens until they are old enough for adoption. *Note - This could include “bottle babies.”


Behavioral Foster

Provide a safe space for animals in your home while also providing enrichment and intervention. This could include, but is not limited to shy/timid animals, kennel aggression, and kennel depression.


Medical Foster

Care for animals during their recovery. This could include, but is not limited to heartworm treatment, injury, or emaciated animals.


Weekend Warrior

Take a dog overnight! Our Weekend Warrior program is ran by our Volunteer Coordinator. Please visit our Weekend Warrior page for more information.


Q: How long do I have to keep my foster?

A: As long as you like! Typically, we like for puppies and kittens to stay until surgery date which can take anywhere from two weeks to two months depending on the age you pick them up at. For available adult dogs and cats we recommend you keep them until adoption, but 3 week increments are fine too!


Q: Is this specific animal available for foster?

A: Check the links above to view all available foster. Only certain animals are eligible to become foster candidates, so you may not see your shelter favorite until they meet all of the criteria.


Q: Can I bring them back if it's not working? If I have to go out of town?

A: Anytime! But we do ask you give us a heads up and make a drop off appointment so we can have a kennel space ready for them.


Q: What is required of a foster?

A: It depends on the category really! In general, though, the foster must provide humane care to the animal, come back to the shelter for any medical check-ins, and communicate with the foster coordinators. It's really pretty simple and easy!


Q: Can I do a trial adoption by fostering?

A: We do not recommend it. Only because foster animals are still candidates for both transport and adoption by other people and intended to be more "long term" stays in someone's home. A better system for "trial periods" would be Weekend Warrior or Hiking Buddies which is more short term and built more for adopters convenience than our foster program which is focused more on the animals care and placement. That being said though, if you fall in love with your foster let us know ASAP and we would be delighted to adopt them to you!

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