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Give hope with one-time or monthly donations and/or donate stocks.


Learn more about fostering for the Humane Society.


Shelby Co. Humane Society offers many volunteer opportunities!

Donate Supplies to Shelby Humane

Pet Supplies

Puppy Milk Replacement Formula
Kitten Milk Replacement Formula

Kitten Food (Dry)

Adult Dog Food (Dry) (Purina DogChow or Proplan Adult)
Puppy & Kitten Bottles
Miracle Nipples
Dog Canned Food (Pate)
Cat Canned Food (Pate)
Puppy Canned Food
Kitten Canned Food
(Non Clumping) Clay Cat Litter
Pine Pellet Cat Litter
Puppy Pads

Heating Pads/Discs (Snuggle Safe)
Stainless Steel Food Bowls
Fold Down Wire Crates
Plastic Pet Travel Carriers
Dog Leashes
Dog Collars & Harnesses
Karunda Beds

Dog Toys
Plastic Kiddie Pools
Play Pens

Kongs (Cat sized)

Kongs (Adult Dogs)

Silicon Ice Cube Trays

Radios for cats music

Classic Music CD's

Cat Pheromone Refills

Catnip Bubbles

Small Kennel Cardboard Scratchers

Puppy Teething Toys

Cleaning Supplies

Paper Towels
OdoBan Citrus
Dawn Dish Detergent (Blue)


Office Supplies

Black Sharpies
Copy Paper (letter size)
AA and AAA (Duracell Brand Only)

*Supplies can be dropped off at Shelby Humane, 381 McDow Road, Columbiana, AL 35051


Donate by Check

  Make checks payable to: Shelby Humane

381 McDow Rd., Columbiana, AL 35051 

Thank you for your support!

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