Our primary mission is to keep your pet in your home.

Due to a staff shortage, our Pet Retention Program will be temporarily suspended. Please check back in August for updates.



Life is unpredictable. SARS COV-2 has made it more so. In cooperation with animal food banks, pet food suppliers, and other non-profits, we can temporarily provide dog and/or cat food - as well as cat litter - to those in need at no cost.

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Veterinary care

The cost of heart worm preventative, heart worm treatment, spay/ neuter surgery, traumatic injuries, ringworm, and many other common animal  health concerns can seem overwhelming. These do not have to mean surrendering your animal to a shelter.


Behavior issues

Non-stop barking, chewing up your favorite shoes, missing the litter box, spraying the house, potty-training issues. Any of these are understandably frustrating. Even so, they don’t have to break up your family. We may be able to provide in-person and/or telepresence behavior training with a comprehensive training plan.