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Our primary mission is to keep your pet in your home.

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We are proud to introduce Finding free and low-cost pet services just got a lot easier. is a social care platform to connect all people in need and the programs that serve them with dignity and ease. When families struggle, pets do, too. Loved pets are given up to animal shelters, by heartbroken owners who think this is their only option., available for free, is the first platform of its kind to make accessing pet support easy, keeps families together and prevents pets being unnecessarily surrendered to shelters.

Due to a staff shortage, our Pet Retention Program will be temporarily suspended. Please check back for updates.



Life is unpredictable. SARS COV-2 has made it more so. In cooperation with animal food banks, pet food suppliers, and other non-profits, we can temporarily provide dog and/or cat food - as well as cat litter - to those in need at no cost.

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Veterinary care

The cost of heart worm preventative, heart worm treatment, spay/ neuter surgery, traumatic injuries, ringworm, and many other common animal  health concerns can seem overwhelming. These do not have to mean surrendering your animal to a shelter.


Behavior issues

Non-stop barking, chewing up your favorite shoes, missing the litter box, spraying the house, potty-training issues. Any of these are understandably frustrating. Even so, they don’t have to break up your family. We may be able to provide in-person and/or telepresence behavior training with a comprehensive training plan.

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